Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY: Spongebob Party

When my son turned 5 he was crazy about Spongebob so we decided to throw a themed party. I think I was more excited than he was, I love to make my own decorations for parties! I was able to throw together this super cute party for very little money, you won't believe what I used...


Streamers - I bought light blue & dark blue to simulate water.
Cost = $2

Cloud Flowers - Various colors of scrapbook paper cut into the shapes of flowers (like the ones shown in the sky on the show) I just free hand drew them, cut them out and then cut a circle in the middle, punched a hole in the top and tied fishing string to them and hung them randomly amidst the streamers.
Cost = Depends on the paper you choose. Watch for sales on 12 x 12 paper at Michaels. 

Jelly Fish - Pink balloons and dark pink streamers -Blow up the balloons. Cut two streamers to hang down from the top of the balloon (cut several lines up the streamer to create thin strips of streamer that will look like jellyfish tentacles) Cut 3 circles of various sizes and tape them to the body of the balloon. Tie fishing string to the bottom of the balloon and suspend from the ceiling amidst the streamers.
Cost = $2


The Chum Bucket - Pail spray painted, created the Chum Bucket sign on the computer, printed, and glued on. Cut brown square out for doors and glued it on.

Mr. Krabb's House - Made out of a pizza box. I free hand drew an anchor onto a pizza box and then cut it out and painted it black. Cut strips off the side of the box and fold them to create the roofs. Use colored paper to create the windows and door. Use black paper to create a paper chain from the top of the anchor.

Squidward's House - Made from an Oatmeal container painted and cardboard from the pizza box for the remaining features.

I copied images from Google of each character and printed them out on card stock, folded a tab of paper underneath so I could tape them down to the tablecloth.
Total Cost = $0 (I had all the materials on hand)

Food Area - Net (purchased from Dollar Tree in the Luau decoration section) and a piece of posterboard I cut in the shape of a clam shell. Printed out the words Krusty Krab and glued onto the clam shell. Attached the clam shell to the net and hung up in the area we were serving food. I wanted to include a stream of bunting to match the flags hanging outside the Krusty Krab but ran out of time, that would be really cute!
Cost = $2

We served pulled pork sandwiches (Krabby Patties) and the rest of the food was pot luck, everyone brought dishes. You could serve "Sea Shells" (shell pasta salad or shell mac'n'cheese), Watermelon cut out with a flower cookie cutter, Squidward dogs (hot dogs with the bottoms cut like tentacles), Patrick Stars (star shaped finger sandwiches), Jellyfish juice (pink punch or pink lemonade) or Bikini Bottom Punch (blue punch)

I also created goodie bags that were really cute, I'm upset that I didn't get pictures of them. I used small brown paper bags ($1 at Dollar Tree). I created pineapples that looked like Spongebob's house out of scrapbook paper and glued them to the front of the bags for the boys and then created mini jellyfish using pink paper and some of the dark pink streamers for the girls bags. Inside I put: Fun shaped sunglasses, bubbles, Spongebob stickers, Spongebob fruit snacks, candy, etc... Most items I got at the Dollar Tree.

I set up a coloring table with buckets of crayons and printed out a bunch of Spongebob coloring sheets, it was a great spot for the kids to unwind when they got tired of running around on the playground.

The party was a huge hit and I got lots of compliments on the decorations! 

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