Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bath Time Finger Puppets

I saw this post with a super cute idea to make finger puppets that the kids could play with in the tub:

My kids love puppets and they love to play in the tub so this idea is genius! It's also easy, fast, and cheap. Pick up a couple packs of rubber cleaning gloves for $1, cut the fingers off, then draw whatever you want on them with permanent markers, and you're done. Your kids will think you're super mom and bath time tonight will be full of imagination, fun, and giggles!
I can hear the voices of some of my friends now saying "I'm not crafty, I can't draw" Don't let that stop you, cut the gloves and then put the supplies on the table and let your kids draw their own, but please don't send me a nasty comment if your kid draws all over your table with permanent marker because you left them alone to make these while you went and watched the Bachelor! ;)

Here are some ideas for you from the ones I made for the boys: Queen, King, Robot, Pirate, Boy, Super Hero (cape drawn on the back), Harry Potter,Penguin, Owl, Fox, Beaver, Cat, Dog, Lion, and Crab. I draw tails on the backs of the animals as well.

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  1. Cortney, your BLOG is awesome! I love the layout that you did and everything you wrote about "YOU":)Those finger puppets are adorable - my nieces on my side would love to make those for their children so I'll share them on my Timeline! You have great ideas:) Keep up the good work!! Auntie Paulette xoxox