Monday, December 24, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

A New Christmas Tradition

This year we jumped on the bandwagon and got an elf. My kids were a little apprehensive about having him in the house at first so I didn't really emphasize the part of the story that states that he would be watching them and reporting to Santa. We read the story and they did see that part but I just chose not to remind them of it over and over. I wanted them to think that he was a cute little elf not a creepy little stalker. We just looked at him as a fun addition to the magic of Christmas around our home. I decided not to make our elf naughty either, though I have found a lot of hilarious things I would have enjoyed doing, it just didn't make sense to me to have an elf that belongs on the naughty list! 

My kids named our elf "King Kirby". My 2 year old wanted to name him Kirby, after the Nintendo character, and my 8 year old wanted to name him King of the Elves... neither would budge so we agreed to a combined name of "King Kirby". 

If you are contemplating adding an elf to your Christmas traditions next year, I say go for it! I had a lot of fun with it, it took very little of my time, and it was great to see my kids reactions as well as to share the adventures with others online, everyone got a kick out of our little guy this year. I think that I will get another elf next year and then another the following so that each kid can have an elf. I would love to think that when they grow and have their own children that they will continue this tradition using the elf they themselves had as a child.

I found lots of cute ideas of things to do with Kirby on Pinterest and also came up with a few of my own: 

Kirby writes a message to the kids

Kirby has a late night snack

Kirby reads the toys a story under the tree


Making snowflakes for the tree

These pigs are on the naughty list

Snowball Fight

The kids make a bed for Kirby

Kirby draws a picture for the boys

North Pole 500

Friendly reminder

Kirby takes a ride

Kids got sick and Kirby caught their bug!

When he got better he had a picnic to celebrate

Kirby wants to plan this weeks menu

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Kirby got into the markers again...

A little note of encouragement for my boy's talent show performance


Santa Rocks!

Jett-puff take me away!

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