Monday, January 21, 2013

Lunch Box Notes

My 2nd grader is a little ham! He loves to tell jokes and make people laugh. This year we moved and he started a new school. I was a little nervous about him making new friends. He attends a very small school in a small town, there is only one class for each grade so all the of the kids advance together each year and they have all been together since Kindergarten. I thought about putting some joke notes in his lunchbox every day so that he could share them with the kids around him and hopefully break the ice and start making some friends. It worked like a charm and he really enjoys getting a new joke every day. 

Please take a look below for links to the sites I used to find the jokes and links to some other really cute lunch note printables.

Joke Sources:
Childhood Beckons: 30 Jokes Your Kids Will Love

Other Free Printable Notes:
Allison Waken - Great Halloween and Christmas Joke Notes
Teach Mama - Cute Hidden Picture Notes

Do you have a Pokemon Fan? Here are some Pokemon Joke Notes:

I hope your kids enjoy them as much as mine has. Feel free to comment any fun jokes you want to share. I will continue to make these, so check back for more free printables in the future!


  1. What a great set of jokes!! Love these! We have more at our boys site as well some just in time for Valentine's Day - thanks for linking up!!

  2. Thanks SO much! These are great!

  3. thank you for these!!! what an amazing set!! my boys are going to love them. thanks for sharing!